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There’s always something exciting happening at the farm!

Kids & Family Composting Workshop in collaboration with Hubbub


We are running a free composting workshop for kids and families in association with Hubbub on Friday 29 July.  There are 2 drop in sessions, 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, and they will include making your own wormery and a What to put in the compost bin game. 



Summer Programmes for 13 - 24 year olds

Summerversity is a week long programme for 13-16 year olds and is a fun way to learn all the aspects of working at an urban farm. The City Farm Apprentice is a two week, more intensive, course for 16-24 years with more of a focus on career paths and future opportunities. See below for more information.


Summerversity 2016 for ages 13 - 16

 A taste of the urban farming business
During this week long course, you will have a chance to discover the world of urban farming and the associated enterprises.

You will learn skills in farm animal care, food growing and production, bee keeping, cooking, crafts, café service and barista-ing. 

This is a hands-on course and you will be learning on the job, caring for the farm’s animals and plants. During the week you will also have the chance to put skills to the test serving real customers in ‘Summerversity does the Strawbale Café’ and the end of course event running your own farm shop selling your products.

Monday 1 - 5 August  

12 on each course 

The City Farm Apprentice for ages 16-24


Think you’d like to work with animals, cook and eat top quality food, work in construction or landscaping or run your own business?  This course is a chance to gain new skills, experiences and contacts and to get involved in your community.  Just like the TV show you’ll be set a team challenge each day and will work with an industry specialist to complete the project.  Don’t worry you won’t get fired!  We’ll introduce you to colleges, training programmes and career routes so that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their goals.


Monday 8 - 19 August  

12 on each course


Booking essential, contact Jen Witts to find out more and get a booking form.
Funded by the London Borough of Islington